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Integrated Rural Development Programme

India lives in its villages with this concept in mind RCF has resolved to improve the socio-economic conditions at the village level. Integrated Rural development Programme focuses on this aspect which RCF strives to achieve.

As a part of this 5 to 10 tribal and backward villages are adopted each year from different states. These programmes are carried out in association with Agricultural department, Zilla Parishads, District Rural Development Financial Institutions and NGO’s.

The major activities conducted:

Basic Need Development Programmes: This provides basic needs of the community like construction of community hall, drinking water facility, lift irrigation facility, shelter for small and marginal farmers, water shed development programmes, financial help to self help groups etc.

Public Health and Village Sanitation Programmes: Medical camps,veterinary camps,vaccination camps etc are organized. Appropriate sanitation facilities are created and use of Bio-gas is encouraged.

Agricultural Need Development Programmes: Aims at supporting the farmers to increase their productivity by providing them the latest development in agriculture. If necessary inputs like quality hybrid seeds, fertilizers, agricultural implements etc. are also provided. In addition to this fertilizer/crop demonstrations are conducted to show the effectiveness of scientific practices to the farmers.

Subsidiary Occupation Development Praogramme: Training and support is given to the farmers to develop subsidiary occupation to augment their income. Some of the areas where training has been imparted are weaving, Bee keeping, Tailoring, Dairy, Poultry, Goat keeping, etc.

Farm Labor Training: labor plays a very important role in farm productivity and are trained to enhance their effectiveness.

Social Forestry and Waste Land Development: The denudation of forest is posing a serious ecological threat to the country. The afforestation of waste land is achieved through plantation saplings.

Youth and Women Development Programme: This facilitates the formation of youth and mahila mandals at village level. Different competitions are organized in the village periodically. The youth are also imparted the training in sports/cottage industry etc.

Social and Cultural activity: Along with economic development, the company encourages the organization of social / cultural activities in the adopted villages.

During last five years RCF has adopted 27 villages in the state of Maharashtra, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.