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suphla RCF produces two grades of complex fertilizers at its    Trombay unit. They are commonly known as “Suphala”, which has almost become a generic name for NP/NPK complexes in the farming households of the country.


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Ujwala Urea(46%)


ujwlaRCF’s  Ujjwala urea is a chemical fertilizer produced in white round prill form containing 46% nitrogen. It is 100% water soluble and is suitable for any type of soil or crop. It can be applied through sowing, broadcasting or spraying. Ujjwala urea should be applied to different crops in two to three split doses.

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This multifaceted bio-fertilizer solublizes the fixed phosphorus in the soil and makes it available to the crops. Bacteria multiply very fast in the soil and this helps to improve the texture and structure of the soil. This also helps to enhance the growth of the crops and also induces resistance against various pests and diseases.

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Sujala 19:19:19


Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd, manufactures 100% water soluble fertilizers containing all the three major plant nutrients i.e. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash for crops grown in green houses as well as other field crops. Sujala is available in two forms Foilar grade and drip grade.


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microlaOver a period of years, we have been cultivating different crops in the field which has resulted in the depletion of essential micro-nutrients in the soil. This has in turn affected the productivity of the soil. This fact has also been validated in the soil analysis reports drawn over a period of time indicating that the micronutrients in the soils are on the decline, resulting in lowering the quality and yields of the crops.

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