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Dimethyl Formamide(DMF)


Appearance Clear, free of suspended matters - -
pH range 20% aqueous - - 6.5 to 9.0
Colour APHA max 5
Methanol ppm max 30
Water % wt. max 0.08
Conductivity 20% aqueous % wt. max 15
Basicity as DMA ppm max 10
Acidity as Formic acid ppm max 5
DMAC impurity in DMF ppm max 100
Purity % wt. min 99.85
Density gm/cc at 20oC 0.946 to 0.949
Refractive index at 20oC 1.4270 to 1.4285











Stainless steel road tankers, 200 kg HM HDPE drums.


1.   DMF is widely used in the production and processing of polymers,Spinning solvent for polyacrylonitrile fibre and polyurethane fibre (spandex) and processing solvent for production of polyurethane artificial and synthetic leather.

2.   DMF is used for the separation and refining of acetylene from crude olefin gas.

3.   DMF is used in extracting butadiene from the C4 distillate obtained by naptha cracking, etc. and in separating isoprene from C5 distillate.

4.   Used as a solvent for recovery of H2S or SO2 or elimination of HCl, Cl, HBr etc. in hydrocarbons.

5.   DMF is also used in extracting solvent of aromatic hydrocarbons in petroleum refining.

6.   Gases like acetylene that are difficult to liquefy and handle safely can be stored and transported easily by dissolving them in DMF with a porous carrier solid (Ex. Calcium Silicate).

7.   DMF is widely used as a solvent for reaction. Generally acetylation, chlorination, sulfonation and various condensation and polymerization reactions are among those where DMF is used as a solvent.

8.   It is an excellent solvent for sulfonamide, vitamins, nitrofuran, quinoline,adrenaline, amine chlorides, etc. It is widely used in the production of pharmaceuticals as a reaction solvent, extracting solvent and crystallizing bath.

9.   DMF easily dissolves basic dye pigments nitroso pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, azo pigments and acid dye metal salts. It is also used as a solvent of colouring agent or an infiltrating ink for various films, wood,leather, resins etc.

10.  DMF alone or as mixed with methylene chloride, is used as a remover of varnish or lacquers.

Industries Served:

Pharmaceuticals, Dyestuff and Pigment, Polymers