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NDT Services



R.C.F. is a giant fertilizer company in India & also has number of plants for different industrial products. Both the units are accredited with ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004 & OHSAS 18001-2007 certifications.

For maximum equipment reliability & condition monitoring RCF has developed a well-equipped NDT department along with trained staff. With the help of various instruments used for various in-house inspections carried out, RCF follows very strong "Predictive Maintenance” practices. RCF can also offer these services to interested companies also.

Following is the list of NDT services which RCF can offer on chargeable basis.

1) SERVICE: Vibration analysis / diagnosis of rotating machines.

Instrument: CSI 2130 of M/s CSI make.



2) SERVICE: In-situ balancing of rotating machines.

Instruments: 1) CSI 2130 of M/s CSI make, 2) Balance Master TK-83, 84, 85 of M/s Bently Nevada make.



3) SERVICE: Videoscopy of equipment internals (for internals difficult to be seen by human eye for want of proper access and also inside surface inspection of heat exchanger tubes)

Instrument: Videoprobe VP 46130 of M/s Fort Imaging Systems make.



Application: Inspection of internals of equipment which are difficult to be seen by human eyes for want of proper access. It also helps in visual inspection of surface condition of the heat exchanger tubes so that exchanger failure analysis, tube cleaning procedure & maintenance procedure can be correctly decided.


4) SERVICE: Thermal scanning of various process equipment and electrical systems

Instrument: Thermacam E45 of M/s FLIR Sweden.



5) SERVICE: Hardness testing of metallic & rubber components

Instruments: Hardness Tester TH130 of M/s Time make & Shore Hardness Tester SHRT-AI of M/s Stech Engineers



6) SERVICE : Visual inspection of running equipment components and accurate speed measurement. (The strobe allows to “freeze” and visually inspect the rotating components like couplings, shaft extensions, fan blades etc. without stopping the machine)

Instrument : Nova Strobe PBX of M/s Monarch Instrument



7) SERVICE: Ferrite content checking.

Instrument: Ferrite meter of M/s Institute Dr. Forster.



8) RCF can also offer services for periodical condition monitoring of critical rotary equipment, thermal scanning of different mechanical equipment and electrical systems.