new projects

new projects

For revival of Fertilizer Corporation of India Ltd.’s (FCIL), Talcher plant a JV of GAIL, RCF, CIL & FCIL namely “Talcher Fertilizers Ltd.” has been incorporated.

Among the various feedstocks that can be used for urea production, natural gas is the most preferred one. However, of late, the availability of natural gas as well as its rising price has become a matter of great concern for the fertilizer industry in sustaining its plant operations. The dwindling domestic gas supply position in the country is further aggravating the situation. Under these circumstances, it has become imperative for the country to explore alternative feedstock that can be sourced in a sustainable way, at a proper price, to ensure economic viability of the plants to remain competitive.

With above perspective, the Urea plant of 1.27 Million tonne per annum capacity is proposed to be set up with Coal as feedstock.

Wuhuan has been engaged through competitive bidding as LSTK contractor for Coal Gasification and Ammonia/Urea packages of the project. The various site activities are in progress.

The estimated project cost is Rs. 13,277.21 Crore (±10%). The project is scheduled to be commissioned by September 2023.