Gender Equality Forum

Gender Equality Forum

RCF Gender Equality Cell

Gender Equality Officer
Ms. Sunita Shukla, ED (HR/Admn/IT)     - Chairperson – RCF Gender Equality Cell
Gender Cell Committee Members
Mr. Sanjeev Doshi             - DGM (HR) Corp. & Tr.Unit         : Member

Mr. Narendra Kumar          - DGM (Marketing)                       : Member

Mr. Vinayak Patil                - CM (HR & HRD) Thal                 : Member

Ms. Sangeeta Gaikwad      - CM (Civil)                                   : Member

Dr. Kirti Sathye                  - Sr. Manager (Medical) Thal        : Member

Ms. Rupali Wadhwani        - Sr. Manager (HRD)                    : Member

Ms. Priyanka Agarwal        - Sr. Manager (Finance)               : Member


Policy on Gender Equality

Policy on Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment at Workplace